Who is Vélez?

New england's native son

An accomplished writer and vocalist, Vélez sings through six strings. Guitar in hand, Vélez moves and shakes with a presence that is "light as a feather yet soulful and sincere," weaving Story, Soul and electric neo-blues energy. 

Prior to his days as bandleader, Vélez studied Music Theory, Composition, and Jazz Performance at Brown University and Manhattan School of Music, respectively. Influenced by a wide swath of textures and timbres, he paints with harmony that is neither predictable nor pretentious. The most enduring impression is etched by his "raspy, romantic style of singing," and the adventurous spirit with which he improvises. Vélez transmutes pain and passion into poetry, accompanied by his guitar and the secrets they share.

His debut album was recorded live at Gee Studios in Ansonia, CT in 2020 and will be available for pre-order via his website on June 15th.